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Our company was set up in 2001 on the international business office of Yingkou June Chemical Co., Ltd. who was the first commercial producer of Silanes & Glyoxal in China since 1969. We should be the first company in China introducing Chinese original Organo-functional Silanes to the European customers and we have been in European markets for about 15 years. We started to export the silanes made by ourselves as the international business office, then expanded our business to other silanes when Onichem was set up so that we can serve our customers by offering them the Silanes as a package.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 registered company which confirms us to be a reliable supplier of specialty chemicals as per international practices. We continually strive to be one of your alternative supplier and strategic partner in the chemical industry, as the professional company focusing on Silanes and Glyoxal related products.

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